Toormina Community Preschool Inc

Privacy Collection Statement

This service is committed to maintaining all personal information provided by its children, families, staff, management, volunteers, students and community in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the Australian Privacy Principles.

Each family, staff, volunteers and student and committee member is provided with a privacy collection statement upon enrolment or commencement of employment.

This statement outlines the type of personal information collected by this service and how information is acquired, used and shared. We will not sell personal information to any third parties. For more information please contact us on (02) 66531791 or email

information is collected?

How we

How we

Medical information, health and immunisation – Enrolment form
– Employment record
– Immunisation history statement
– Health care cards & Medicare and health fund information
– Accident, Illness and Injury forms
To ensure the health and safety of every
childand as a requirement under Family AssistanceLaw and the NSW Public Health
Act 2010.
 Income and financial details, includes banking information  – Enrolment form
– Employment record
– Fee payment and purchases
 For the provision of the education and
care service and as required under Family
Assistance legislation and as per Funding
Agreements with the Department of
Education and Communities.
 Contact details of family and emergency contact information  . Enrolment form
. Employment record
. Updated details form
Required under the Education and Care
Services Regulation.
 Children’s developmental records  . Observations
. Assessment of childrenís learning
. Programming documents
. Communications with families
Required under the Education and Care
Services Regulation and to provide a
high quality education and care service.
 Legal information  . Enrolment form
. Employment record
. Court orders or AVOs
Required under the Education and
Care Services Regulation.
 Employment, marital status and nationality . Enrolment form
. Employment record
 Required under employment legislation
and to provide priority of access under commonwealth and state legislation.
Qualifications  . Employment record
. Certified copies of documents
Required under the Education and Care Services Regulation.
WWCC, criminal history checks  . Employment record
. Originals of documents
Required under the Education and Care Services Regulation.
Staff entitlements  . Payroll records
. Tax File Number
 Provision of entitlements.
Any information required to be recorded
under the National Law and Regulations,
the Family Assistance Law other relevant information collected to support the
enrolment of a child
 . Enrolment form
. Employment record
. Complaints records
Required under appropriate legislation.

What is personal information? How is it collected and why?

Personal information is information that personally identifies an individual, such as a name, residential or email address and includes information relevant to the enrolment process, billing records, documentation of a childís learning and development, and recorded information regarding complaints.

Publicly available information, such as information on a public website profile is not considered personal information.

This service only collects personal information when individuals specifically and knowingly elect to provide this, such as when individuals enrol a child in the service, pay fees or subscriptions, and provide health or family information to support the inclusion of a child.

This service securely stores all information for Direct Debit or eftpos payments.

Direct communications

This service uses individuals personal information to send information by post, email or telephone. Individuals are provided with an opportunity to elect not to receive such information upon enrolment or through written notification to the service.

If individuals do not wish to receive direct communications, contact our service directly on (02) 66531791 or

What happens with personal information?

This service will strive to let individuals know how any personal information will be used at the time of collection. Individuals will be asked if personal information can be used to establish contact with them regarding other aspects of organisational business. This service will not sell or trade individualsí personal information to other third parties.

This service collects and uses personal information generally to provide individuals with the information and the services they request, to provide appropriate and relevant information pertaining to the education and care of a child/ren, and to continue to improve service quality.

Where is personal information stored?

Personal information is stored in a safe and secure manner, using locked filing cabinets or a password protected database and computer. Information is backed up electronically and securely stored. Data will not be altered or destroyed except in extraordinary circumstances.

Hard copy information is stored at the service, which is secured to prevent entry by unauthorised people. Any personal information not actively being used may be archived, in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Personal information will remain on the service database indefinitely until personally advised by a customer that information is to be removed, unless information has been archived or destroyed at an earlier date in accordance with privacy law and regulatory requirements.

Access and updating personal information

Individuals may ask to access, update or delete personal information held about them at any time. Reasonable steps will be taken to verify an individualís identity before granting access, making any corrections to, or deleting information. If a customer wishes to make a complaint, please refer to the Complaints Policy.

Individuals requiring access to, or wanting to update personal information, can contact the service on (02) 66531791 or